Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So so so glad that it is spring!

i mean, who isn't??? besides the pollen in the air, this time of year is great! Asher has not had the easiest time so far with the pollen but it seems to be getting better. It has been so much so far! it has all of our sinuses out of whack!

the times we have been out have been fun though!


Alison said...

Cute pictures! Do you think Asher looks like Joey?

The Bonds Family said...

Hey Aimee! I stumbled on your blog through a friend of a friend! So glad I found you. Asher is precious and love your new hair cut. I've missed seeing you at Bible study (it's been a crazy winter), but I'm starting back in the fall. Hope you are doing well!
Mallorie Bonds